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White Papers

We are happy to provide you with the following selected resources dedicated to innovation & new product development practices. We will be regularly adding new items.
If you feel your publication has its place in this list please contact us at resources@innovation-framework.com.


Discover our NEW exclusive report on Strategic Roadmapping Best Practices.
The 10 Essentials and Benefits of Strategic Roadmapping
This paper condenses the latest research and company learnings into 10 essentials best practices :
1.What is strategic roadmapping?
2.Relationship to other innovation management processes
3.Who should be involved
4.The five benefits of roadmapping
5.Defining a multi-roadmap framework
6.Defining roadmap content
7.Before you start: the ten factors that influence success
8.Roadmapping implementation process
9.The four drivers of sustainable roadmapping
10.Before you finish: roadmapping maturity levels.

Innovation Strategy,
Technology Planning




Doing it Right – Winning with New Products.
This paper examines the two ways to win at product innovation: doing projects right and doing the right projects . Dr. Cooper explores the critical success factors that make the difference between winning and losing at innovation. He outlines key components of the authentic Stage-Gate® system and the four goals of successful portfolio management.

Stage-Gate Process,
Portfolio management,

Stage-Gate Inc.



Idea Management Best Practices : we need more BIG ideas!
Idea management processes and software have been used for several decades with mixed results. At IFT, we have studied multiple implementations and analyzed companies' feed-back to define a set of key best practices that will drive you to get more Big Ideas and increase your innovation capabilities:
1. Focusing your idea submission
2. Facilitating idea submissions
3. Making meaningful connections
4. Nurturing your ideas before evaluating them
5. Organizing your evaluation and decision process
6. Motivating your staff

Idea management
Insights management
Correlation engine
Idea selection
Staff motivation




The Innovator’s Toolbox: Empowering the Next Wave of Difference Makers.
How do organizations identify the most promising ideas and translate these ideas into successful products? This study answers that question by examining how leading companies empower their innovators with tools and strategies that allow them to leverage ideas and knowledge to develop a steady stream of new and profitable products.

Innovation enablers,
Idea Generation,
Idea Management,
Innovation Networks,
Knowledge Mgmt.




Leveraging on-line consumer clubs to identify innovation white spaces.
- how to initiate an extended dialog with customers to explore unmet needs and possible white space for innovation
- how DBA used both a consumer board and an innovation board to build a stronger and added value project portfolio

Open Innovation,
Innovation Board.

DBA Apparel

Case Study


Ten Tips for Successfully Implementing a
Stage-Gate Product Innovation Process
Discover how those tips can contribute to the
speed of adoption and the ultimate stickness
of the process within your organisation

Stage-Gate Process
New Product Development

Stage-Gate Inc.

White Paper


Developing a Product Innovation & Technology Strategy for your Business
A framework for developing a product innovation strategy includes defining innovation goals and objectives, selecting strategic arenas, developing a strategic map, and allocating resources.

innovation strategy
product development strategy
strategic arenas
strategic buckets
road- maps, entry strategies

Stage-Gate Inc.